meets the requirements and needs of the world through various projects.


Universal Solutions Agency is an IT and Sourcing Company based in South Africa with a vision aimed at creating an oligarchy of services that meet the requirements and needs of the world through various projects and services. USAAM is committed to providing its clients with professional services consistent with trust and ethical services. U.S.A.A.M has various contacts that can assist with the world requirements. The links to the projects at hand are one of the many ways we are raising funds to undergo major projects in African to develop the Economy, Education, the way of life and much more to the communities in Africa and other places around the world. We have various individuals who specialize in an assortment of professions.

As business consultants we provide business advice and business consulting you may need to improve your business, as we work with a large number of different businesses we can share with you what works and advise you on what doesn't. We can become your outsourced marketing department or outsourced marketing director, providing you with temporary and interim marketing to assist in increasing sales with creative and innovative marketing, undertaking design of leaflets, broachers’, sales, exhibitions, website design and development as well as products.

List of services

U.S.A renders business needs in respect of the following:
Products of different kind, Agency Services, links exporters with importers, and vice versa. Provide basic and essential advice on a variety of goods, products and services. Actively search and negotiate deals for our clients, U.S.A is a client-oriented Company and we provides professional support to our clients in order to ensure that their needs are fulfilled. Conduct negotiation as part of facilitating deals, Partner with other business entities for the realization of certain projects and such partnership is based on trust and integrity. Assist with the identification of promotional and marketing events and facilitate joint ventures.

Marketing consultants/ Marketing Agency/ Marketing Company

undertake a full business and company marketing review and give options of opportunities the maybe being missed with marketing solutions. Web design and manage websites to receive inquires through being 'search engine friendly and making your customers warm to your service and products. SEO, internet


marketing, web marketing and search marketing, achieving page one listing for RSA regional, RSA national, global and worldwide search for international marketing opportunities. BSB, Business to Business, Company marketing and B2C marketing. Finance and funding/Creative low cost ideas/ competitors and market research. E-commerce-marketing.

Article writing, link building, blogs, social networks sites, page rank and development to secure high rankings for your keyword searches. Making use of social media such as Facebook and twitter, how to market using these types of mediums and how to use these connects with customers. Produce email marketing letters, direct mail, letters, brochures' and leaflets that people will read and respond to. Develop sales strategies to increase sales per campaign. Help you on how to follow up leads and turn these into sales. Help you gain the most out of networking and exhibitions. Help you gain major contracts and build relationships with large company buyers. Marketing experts so you stay ahead of the completion and become the leading business in your market place.

SEOSearch Engine Optimization

Every business wants to be recognized on the web, and they should not be hard to find.

With search engine optimization we can make it easy for your website to be found on the web, We use various add words and videos to market your website so that it will be right on top of the search engines lists.

Social MediaSocial Media Marketing

We have various social medias' that we connected too, such as twitter, facebook and much more.

We utilize these social medias' to market companies on the web. Social medias are very important in this regard as they could contain a lot of potential clients. The are a lot of social medias out there

Shopping cartE-Commerce Optimization

Marketing on the web is the one of the best solutions to reach out to the global market.

We can host all the files you need to market you company or any projects you have in mind. From websites to videos to e-books on the net we do it all. E-commerce brings the required result that is needed for a company market to the world.

twitterTwitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the top social medias on the web, follow us on twitter

radioOnline Radio

Get your own online radio now. We will create it for you and show you how to use it.

Give us a call

If you want to increase your presence and sales please give us a call. Website design, Social Media Marketing and Internet Marketing. We as Universal Solutions can provide the best marketing on Google for you and other search engines. Is your website getting enough visitors? Have you got a website? If not just provide us with your company profile and pictures. We can also take professional pictures for you as we have got visual artist.